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      New additions to meerkat mob at Toledo Zoo

      This must be what they call puppy love. The Toledo Zoo has announced the arrival of four new meerkat pups born last month, and they're now ready to be viewed by the public.

      The pups, currently of genders unknown, were born May 23 and are now able to be handled by humans after fully bonding with their mother. They were born mostly hairless and with their eyes and ears shut.

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      Native to Africa, the meerkat is a carnivorous animal belonging to the mongoose family. They are not endangered.

      At about two weeks, the meerkat pups opened their eyes. They began eating solid food and exploring their area about one week later.

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      The new pups are on exhibit in the Tembo Trail and can be seen with their older siblings, all born within the last year.


      Did you know? A group of meerkats is referred to as a "mob" or "gang."