New boil water advisory confuses Toledo residents in wake of H20 crisis

A water boil advisory issued by the City of Toledo has confused some residents.

A new boil water advisory has caused confusion for some Toledo residents following last weekend's water crisis.

Earlier this week, the City of Toledo's Department of Public Utilities issued a boil water advisory to residents living along Nebraska between Division and City Park Avenue.

The notice reads, in part, "effective as of 8/5/14 water service for: NEBRASKA AVE FROM DIVISION ST TO CITY PARK AV will be interrupted due to repairs to the City's water distribution system. When the water service is turned back on, the water must be thoroughly tested by us, which will take several days."

Just days before the notice was issued, nearly 500,000 residents in the greater Toledo area were told not to use the city's water supply because testing showed excessive levels of



Toledo Water Crisis

A City of Toledo press release on the ban

said that consuming water with high levels of algal toxins, like microcystin, "may result in abnormal liver function, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, numbness or dizziness."

The urgent water notice, issued early Saturday morning, added that "Boiling the water will not destroy the toxins [instead] it will increase the concentration of the toxins".

With that warning in mind, residents became confused when they received the new advisory and were told to boil their water.

City of Toledo Spokesperson Lisa Ward told NBC24 that she'd been asked several times on Wednesday about the new boil alert.

Ward, however, wanted to assure residents that "boil advisories have nothing to do with the past weekends issues. They are typically because a water main broke and was repaired. So, the boil [alert] is a precaution in case any bacteria may have entered the line because of the break."

On Monday,

Toledo's mayor announced

that customers of the City of Toledo's Public Water system could once again safely drink the tap water following the concerns raised over the weekend.

The boil water advisory issued on Tuesday, to some residents in Central Toledo, is expected to expire on Friday.