New dog laws headed to Toledo

Toledo TMs new dog law no longer target pit bulls exclusively. There is a new set of rules that apply to all dogs and their owners within the city limits.

Jean Keating is a member of Toledo Dog Policy Advisory Task Force and co-founder of the Ohio Coalition of Dogs Advocates. Keating helped shape the new ordinance which will take into effect next month. If you can TMt prove yourself to be a responsible pet owner, then you shouldn TMt own a dog, Keating.

The new ordinance mandates the following;

  • Mandatory sterilization for dogs caught roaming freely on second offense| at owners expense
  • Dogs cannot be chained outside for more than an hour
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended for more than 24hrs
  • Fines for unprovoked dog bites rang from $150-$1,000| could be ordered to mandatory pet ownership classes
  • Threat classifications for nuisance and dangerous dogs
  • Michelle Lawrence is the owner of two Canine Good Citizen award winning pit bulls. She TMs glad the city is finally recognizing that pit bulls aren TMt the only breed of dogs who have the potential to be dangerous. It TMs not just the pit bulls who are having these instances of reckless owners owning them, said Lawrence.