New flights from Toledo to Fort Myers

The Toledo/Lucas County Port Authority has entered discussions with aviation service broker Aviation Advantage, Inc. hoping to create new business at the Toledo Express Airport.

"This is really a project, an opportunity that presented itself, and we looked at it and thought that it was a good risk to take," said Port Authority CEO Paul Toth.

The proposed plan will open flights to Fort Myers, Florida. Officials say the location has been a proven market in the past.

"If you fly out of Toledo, you can already be on your way to the beach in 21/2 hours," said Toth.

The daily traffic through Toledo Express is a bit slow. Especially now when Allegiant Air, one of the two airlines operating there, is on a seasonal shut-down.

Those who do fly out, though, are pleased with the ease of the small airport.

"The parking is certainly convenient. I can see from here that the security line is pretty short too. You know, I'm used to Metro Detroit. I'm from Michigan, so this is much nicer," said one traveller.

The airport's new efforts come after Direct Air filed bankrupty and left in march of 2012, and Vision Air lasted only a month before pulling out.

But Paul Toth says this new deal will be the first step to new business. He describes it as a springboard to opportunities down the road.

At one point, Toledo Express Airport was flying 47 departures every day.

So they do have the room to accommodate more air traffic. Now they just need the flights.

Toth said, "We've proven that Toledo is good market. It's just a matter of the airlines getting healthy. And frankly, the economics of the industry changing."