New interim supervisor after commissioner of Toledo water plant resigns

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There's a new person in charge of Toledo's water treatment plant.

This move comes after Mayor D. Michael Collins asked the previous supervisor of the plant to resign.

During the city's water crisis, Commissioner David Leffler was in Alaska on vacation. Mayor Collins asked for Leffler's resignation citing a culmination of events leading up to the water crisis such as a June 9 letter from the EPA to the city warning of the possible crisis with the city's water supply.


Toledo Water Crisis

"I'm not questioning what he's done for the city of Toledo. In my opinion I lost confidence in his ability to rectify my policies and vision for the future," explains Mayor D. Michael Collins.

Tim Murphy, commissioner of environmental services for the city of Toledo was chosen as the interim commissioner of the water treatment plant.

Leffler's resignation is effective September 1.