New lights make ODOT snow plows safer

New ODOT lights much safer

Winter is just about here and the Ohio Department of Transportation is already deep into its preparations for potentially snowy winter.

ODOT is planning additional safety measures for when the heavy snow hits this winter, as they work to prevent rear-end crashes due to ice and snow, by installing new green and white strobe lights to the existing amber lights on snowplows.

The green lights have proven in studies to be easier for the human eye to see.

ODOT says that Ohio will be the first state in the nation to use the green strobe lights, and it will be one of the first in the country to use a combination of colors.

The department hopes the additions to equipment will create better visibility and lead to safer roads for drivers during adverse weather conditions, officials said.

ODOT has been conducting inspections and other tests to ensure snow removal equipment is in working order. The tests and inspections are part of the departmentâ??s county-by-county operational readiness events.