New pro-choice billboard appears in west Toledo

New pro-choice billboard appears in west Toledo

There is a new billboard on the corner of North Haven and West Sylvania Avenue supporting reproductive health care facilities, their staff and their patients.

It stands roughly a block away from Capital Care Network, the last remaining abortion clinic in Toledo.

The advertisement appeared less than a month after Toledo City Council proposed a new bill targeting reproductive clinics. It would require protesters to stay 20 feet away from such clinics and make blocking the entrances and exits illegal.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, the team behind the billboard, says people have a right to free speech but not to intimidate.

"The constitution ends where harassment and intimidation begins," said NARAL Deputy Director Jaime Miracle. "The majority of Americans believe once a woman has made the decision to have an abortion, she deserves to have that care in her community without political interference and without harassment and intimidation."

In 2015 a gunman in Colorado Springs opened fire on a Planned Parenthood killing three people.

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