New social media site for recovering addicts

The new social media platform works like facebook. / WNWO File

Most people use social media to talk about where they went for lunch or sharing cat videos. Now, there's a new social networking platform that helps connect people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Racing for Recovery started the online support group Team Racing for Recovery to make it possible for members from around the world to start a dialog with each other about recovery topics. Team Racing for Recovery is free to the public and helps addicts maintain a lasting sobriety as well as aid in the awareness and reduction of drug and alcohol addiction.

"In the ten years we've been working to save lives, we haven't seen this level of open and honest dialog about addiction recovery happening in other popular social media tools. So, we decided to develop our own. Team Racing for Recovery brings the dialog online and empowers everyone to expand their recovery process beyond a one-on-one counseling session or traditional support group setting," said Founder and President of Racing for Recovery, Todd Crandell.

"It's like a mini facebook on our site," Crandell said.

The organization unites addicts, families, friends and members of the community in the dialog. Everyone is encouraged to share how addiction has impacted his or her life. Racing for Recovery recognizes that when all points of view are shared in a structured and non-confrontational setting, everyone is better able to heal.

"So often you feel you are alone like nobody understands what you are going through, and there's not always a meeting going on," said Melissa Hall, a recovering addict who is four years sober.

"Gratitude, humility and a continued conversation with family, friends and the community have enabled me to attain and sustain sobriety. I want to help others in the same situation; and the Team Racing for Recovery social media support group community is another great tool we offer to do just that," Crandell said.

The new social media platform isn't the only method Crandell has used to reach out to people who want to get clean. "We use all avenues of social media to promote our services. We do Skype sessions, phone services and I even have a client who calls me from Korea," he said.

To join Team Racing for recovery you can go directly to their website .