New steeple for local church

The Faith Bible Baptist Church with their new steeple in place

The Faith Bible Baptist Church, on 232 N. McCord Road in West Toledo, finally have their new steeple.

On July 5th, the West side of Toledo had a storm come thru which knocked the steeple off and did some damage to the roof.

Pastor Tim Goodman, of the Faith Bible Baptist Church, commented about what happened after the storm.

Pastor Goodman said, "Ever since then, we have been working with contractors and insurance companies and everybody else to get everything together and finally it has come together."

A crane was needed to lift the steeple onto the roof.

Pastor Goodman commented, "he will lift it up, set it up there for us, and we will bolt it downâ?¦the actual installation part, one or two fellows could do it, but to move it around where it needs to be, while it is upon the roof, we need at least three or four fellows to move it."

The new fiberglass steeple was purchased from Superior Church Furnishings of Dublin, Georgia. It is 19 feet tall and 375 pounds.

It cost under $4,000 and that includes the cost of shipping.

The old steeple that fell during the storm, was made out of wood and was built on the Churchâ??s site.