New surgical suite gives puppies and dogs a leg up

Gizmo is preparing for eye surgery. After he's recovered he will be up for adoption.

Small dogs lay resting in kennels at the Lucas County Dog Warden's Office as the veterinarians prepare them for spaying and neutering in the new surgical suite.

The $43,600 addition is a quiet room with brand new anesthesia machines, surgical equipment and a table for operating. While some may raise eyebrows at the price of the suite, county dog warden Julie Lyle said the room will pay for itself by cutting down transportation expenses.

"We're not spending money that we don't have to drive across town," County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said. "Some days we made several trips, four or five trips, back and forth to the humane society. That's just not efficient."

Lyle said the room functions primarily for spay and neuter surgeries, but one little dog, Gizmo, will soon undergo surgery to remove his bad eye. Families can also pick up adopted dogs quicker while they still have time to recover thanks to the new suite.

"For our dogs that are up for adoption and for our dogs that need medical treatment, we're going to be able to treat them much more efficiently," Lyle said. "We can use the money that we collect from dog licenses much more efficiently."