New testing in Clyde Cancer Cluster case

Clyde, OH - The families involved in the cancer cluster near Clyde have now hired environmental experts to perform more tests.

Monday they started in the homes where children have died from cancer, on of which is the home of Trina Donnersbach.

"They took dust samples from our attic and they will test that for any toxins," says Trina.

Donnersbach lost her daughter, Shila, to a rare form of bone cancer in 2007 at just 20-years-old.

"All these children, to me, there has to be something out there that's causing all of this," she explains.

Shila left behind a two and a half-year-old son. Now seven, Trina has adopted him, and now she must find out if anything in her home may have caused the cancer in her child, so that she may protect her grandchild.

Though she says her home is not a likely suspect.

She says, "Not my house, specifically. I think it's something in the environment that has come to rest [here]."

The next test subject was to be the town's water supply, which is fed from two large reservoirs in the area.

The hired experts were supposed to take samples from the bottom of the Raccoon Creek Reservoir Tuesday, but were unable to get through the frozen surface for a proper specimen.

Wednesday, they will take samples from Clyde Water Treatment Plant, which sits directly North of the reservoir.

The testing will take a few weeks before the results come back.