New text alert program to tackle crime

Residents in the Toledoâ??s Old Orchard neighborhood will have a new and faster tool to find out about the crime happening around them.

Thursday afternoon Councilman Tom Waniewski announced the start of a pilot program called Eye Citizen.

Homeowners get text messages of 911 calls from within their neighborhood when crimes like a break in occur.

Waniewski says this program will be an answer to what citizens have been asking for, "we really are trying to satisfy a request and need that was coming to us from the community. I think an informed constituency is an involved constituency,â?? adds Waniewski.

The program is free to residents who sign up. However the city paid $500 dollars for programming services.

While it's only available in Old Orchard, Councilman Waniewski is hoping it can be used city wide.