New Year's Day weather of the past

Northwest Ohio has seen a rollercoaster of weather in New Year's Days past.

The first day of this year, day time highs soared to 49 degrees in the Toledo, with reported light rainfall. January 1, 2010 was even warmer with high a temperature of 54 and nearly an inch of measured rainfall.

New Year's Day records in Toledo include:

66 degrees in 1876

-15 degrees in 1879

4.6 inches of new snowfall in 1893

14 inches of snow on the ground in 2001

Normally, Toledo sees highs around 33 degrees on New Year's Day, and lows of 19 degrees. Normal snowfall for New Year's Day is 0.3".

Although the first day of 2013 doesn't look to break any old records, a few snow showers do look to move through the area on New Year's Day. Arctic cold temperatures look to follow in behind the start of the new year.