Next storm slated to arrive Tuesday night into Wednesday

It's the Winter that just won't quit.

Our next storm is slated to arrive Tuesday night into Wednesday. And the impact will be significant...again.

Timing: Snow will spread from south to north across Northwest Ohio into Southeast Michigan late Tuesday. Areas like Van Wert, Findlay and Tiffin will see the flakes first...starting between 6pm and 8pm. The snow should reach the Ohio Turnpike by the 9pm to 10pm timeframe...and continue north of the border by 11pm. The heaviest of the snow will come toward and after midnight...with the expected heaviest snows falling from around 10pm to 3am for most areas. The snow continues into Wednesday morning...tapering off into the early afternoon.

Snow Totals: A tough call, (due to some dissention in the forecast models), but our going forecast calls for the heaviest snows to fall south of the Ohio Turnpike. A general 6" to as much as 10" locally will fall here. North of the Pike, look for a good 4" to 6"...and north of the border a good 3" to 5". Keep in mind that strip of heavier snow can easily wiggle farther north or south depending on the final storm we'll be doing some fine-tuning to these amounts in the next 24 hours.

Winds: Winds look to pick up by late Tuesday evening...reaching a peak overnight into Wednesday morning...before tapering off Wednesday afternoon as the storm pulls away. Overnight Tuesday night into Wednesday morning winds will generally be in the 15-20 mph range out of the north and northeast. Gusts to 25 mph will be possible at times. Blowing and drifting will continue to be a problem through most of Wednesday.

Biggest Impacts: Heavy snow south of the pike with, potentially, significant blowing and drifting. Reduced visibility all areas overnight Tuesday night. The Wednesday morning commute will be a real bear. Blowing and drifting snows during the day on Wednesday. All of it should really settle out by Wednesday road crews a chance to make real progress before the Thursday morning commute.

Behind the Storm: Thursday will be a good "clean up" day if you can wait...but it will be colder. Thursday's highs will only be in the upper teens...but we should get into some good sunshine with light winds.

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