No cause determined in Central Toledo fire

Early Wednesday morning, James Harris received a call from his father that the house next door was on fire and could be heading his way.

"We came over to the house and our dad was sitting on the porch," Harris said.

A fire had erupted inside a vacant home on the 1000 block of Fernwood. That home was completely destroyed, and several adjacent houses were also damaged.

Harris' father was not hurt, but he explained the extensive damage done to the home his dad had lived in since 1960.

"You come up the driveway and the whole siding is melted, all of the windows are busted, the roof is damaged and the right side of my father's car is melted," he said.

Lt. Matt Hertzfeld of the Toledo Police Department says crews worked feverishly to prevent flame from getting onto Harris' father's home.

"We try to form a water curtain or get water on those surfaces until we can get additional resources on the scene and then we perform a search operation and extinguish the fire," Lt. Hertzfeld said.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.