No charges in fatal UT student stabbing

Nearly eight months after a fatal stabbing in the dormitory stairwell at University of Toledo, the Lucas County Grand Jury has ruled "no bill" - meaning at this point, no legal action will be taken against the surviving student involved in the altercation.

"This investigation was certainly a difficult one," said UT Police Chief Jeff Newton. "University of Toledo Police was the lead in the investigation, but we worked very closely with Toledo Police which provided incredible support from their homicide division."

The chief says TPD and UTPD did not have enough evidence on the events to press charges.

"I think that the investigation was done in a very thorough fashion," said Newton. "It was well investigated, but it's a difficult case."

Six month ago, authorities were able to reveal that 20 year old Josiah Galat died of stab wounds to the neck, and that the case involved the designer drug 25-i - which can cause violent behavior and paranoia. Newton says if not for drug use, he doesn't believe the incident would have ever occurred.

Chief Newton says the case remains an open and active investigation, and if further evidence is discovered, it could be reintroduced to the grand jury.