No food, radio or gazing under BG distracted driving law?

Bowling Green City Council is considering a distracted driving ordinance that would extend the Ohio texting ban law.

Banning texting while driving is one issue, but what about outlawing "distracted driving" as a whole? That's the burning question the Bowling Green City Council faces as they introduced new distracted driving legislation to the community on Tuesday night.

According to The BG News, the ordinance would ban any type of distraction that takes the driver's attention away from the road. While some residents expressed concern that this vague definition would violate their rights, personal injury attorney Mike D. Bell says the heart of the ordinance is in everyone's best interest.

"I understand the intent behind the law and it's great that the legislature is taking advantage of this opportunity to come out to stop distracted driving," Bell said. "As I understand this proposed law, if there's a failure to maintain full time and attention by the driver, they can be cited with a $25 ticket plus court costs--no points on the license--and it's for any driver."

Bell says the proposed law is different from the state texting legislation coming into effect at the end of August, which will ban minor drivers from using any handheld device in a vehicle and adult drivers from texting. Bowling Green's law, if passed, would penalize distracted driving of all forms, which could include eating, changing the radio station and gazing out a side window.

"Texting and driving and handheld devices and Bluetooth are all convenient, but when they're used in the car, they could be incredibly dangerous and we all know that," Bell said. "Bowling Green City Council believes that this legislation is necessary for them."

The council will hold two more meetings to discuss the ordinance with the public before they cast their votes.

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