No, go, yell, tell â?? the message at â??stranger dangerâ?? seminar

Punching bags at the Martial Arts Center in Maumee

The Martial Art Center in Maumee, held class for children to learn about how to handle â??stranger dangerâ?? situations, Saturday, August 03, especially with school starting soon.

Joe Hurtsellers, Sensei and instructor for the seminar, said, â??we are trying to make kids aware of situations that could be threatening to them and giving them some simple principlesâ?¦The idea is to have a specific system that they use to keep themselves safe.â??

Sensei Hurtsellers defines a stranger as: someone who you do not know or whom your parents do not know you are with.

Many scenarios were discussed and practiced. For instance, Sensei Hurtsellers taught children four words to remember and utilize when approached by a stranger: â??No,â?? â??go,â?? â??Yell,â?? and â??Tell.â?? Tell the stranger â??noâ?? in a loud voice, run away, yell in a loud voice either â??strangerâ?? or â??you are not my mom/you are not my dad,â?? and immediately tell their teacher or a safe and trusted adult what happened.

Sensei Hurtsellers said, â??when somebody learns how to take care of themselves, when they can defend themselves, and feel strong, it builds their confidence.â??