No more than two embryos for IVF transfers: Study suggests

Study recommends women have only one or two embryos transferred in in-vitro fertilization

A new study is giving recommendations on how many embryos a woman should have transferred when using in-vitro fertilization.

Researchers in Great Britain looked at more than 100-thousand I-V-F cycles that led to the birth of more than 30-thousand babies between 2003 and 2007.

"Women who have gone through infertility treatment want the best chance of having a baby, but we need to explain that the data shows transferring more embryos doesn't actually do that," said Dr. Scott Nelson, head of reproductive and maternal medicine at the University of Glasgow, according to The Associated Press.

They found that transferring three or more embryos during a cycle should be avoided when possible because it leads to more health complications in both the mother and the baby.

Researchers recommend women over 40-years-old have no more than two embryos transferred.

They say women under 40 should have just one transferred in a cycle.

In 2009, â??Octomom,â?? Nadya Suleman had octuplets after her doctor transferred 12 embryos.

(CNN contributed to this report)