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      North Toledo residents sound off on public pools

      <p>The city will continue to monitor their spending to make sure they donâ??t exceed the annual budget.</p>

      Toledo residents are speaking out against the city budget??approved Monday??that opens only four of the eight city??s public pools.

      Of those four pools, none are in North Toledo, where resident Suzette Moore is raising two children. Her kids will have to take a bus to other side of town for a swim.

      The Moores live right across from Wilson Pool, and in past summers they??ve used it almost every day.

      ??I think it??s a shame,?? Moore said. ??They??ve already taken everything from North Toledo. There??s nothing here for the kids to do.??

      Mayor D. Michael Collins?? administration learned late last week that seven Toledo Police cadets failed their training. Funds that would have gone to their salaries will be used to open the four pools and a splash pad.

      Toledo Finance Director George Sarantou said there??s still a chance the state can provide funding for the city.

      ??That would help us immensely because we really have a huge infrastructure challenge ahead of us,?? Sarantou said.

      Councilwoman Theresa Gabriel was the only council member to vote against the budget. She did so because it uses Capital Improvement money in the General Fund.

      City officials are looking into using private funds to open the rest of the city??s pools. If that plan fails, Moore said the kids in the neighborhood will see one empty pool.

      ??That??s why they??re hanging out on the corner and getting into trouble,?? Ms. Moore said. ??They have no activities.??

      The city will continue to monitor their spending to make sure they don??t exceed the annual budget.