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      Northwest Ohio deals with latest snowfall

      Northwest Ohio residents once again grabbed their shovels and used their weekend to dig out of Sundayâ??s overnight snowfall.

      By mid-day on Sunday streets in small residential areas were among the few places in Toledo where fresh powder still showed. Plows were busy salting and clearing major roads and intersections, making a more pleasant commute for drivers.

      â??The commute on the side roads is bad but the city of Toledo has been pretty on top of all the major roads,â?? said South Toledo resident Philipp Levering.

      Motorists traveling area highways did see some minor traffic accidents that caused several delays. Interstate 475 Westbound near Douglas Road was shut down earlier in the day due to an accident, but it has since re-opened.

      Even though this snowfall did not leave much of a lasting footprint, it is another reason for some people to look forward to warmer weather.

      â??I think itâ??s a great nuisance,â?? said Levering. He added, â??You have no idea how much I am looking forward to the spring weather.â??

      If you do go outside make sure you exercise caution on the roads, and be aware that melting snow often leads to slippery conditions.