Northwest Ohio runner to race in anniversary of Boston marathon bombing

Runners will need head to the start of the race in their running attire.

Runners from around the world, including several from northwest Ohio, are ready to show their strength at the Boston Marathon one year after a tragic bombing rocked the finish line.

Matt Folk, owner of running retail shop, knows the in's and out's of the competition. He traveled to Boston last week to run in the Monday race.

"In one sense it'll be a mixed reaction, and in one sense you're going to be very nervous to get going," Folk said. "And in another sense, you'll be very excited because it is a large event."

"It's going to be special. If you talk to most runners in the area, it's something they would love to be a part of. Most runners in the U.S. would love to be a part of," Folk said.

This year, even if you had a Boston Marathon qualifying time, it doesn't guarantee a runner's spot in the race.


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"There's only a certain number of spots for people who qualify, and there was about five thousand people that didn't get to finish last year. They gave them the first priority," Folk said.

The race has tightened security. Folk says an email was sent out to all the participants, explaining that they are doing away with gear-checked in bags.

"In the past you were able to take a gear check bag, so you could have clothing on while your sitting around the start. They would bus it back to the finish for you," Folk said.

Runners will need head to the start of the race in their running attire.

"It could be a big variable with the weather. If it's a cold day, that could be hard if you're sitting around shivering for 45 minutes to an hour before the race, " Folk said.

It's a new rule that he says is understandable. The marathon experience this year is not about time for him, but to remember and honor those impacted from last year's attacks.

"The struggles we will go through fora few hours is minor with what they have to deal with everyday," Folk said.


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