Northwest Ohio Volunteers Helping in Philippines

Toledo volunteers with the charity ISHO-Impact have been on missions to help in the typhoon-stricken Philippines. They are rebuilding houses, a school, and medical facilities. The storm killed more than five-thousand people. Thousands more were left without homes. Steve Korn, the Pastor at Trinity Church in Elliston, OH, has spent days laboring in the hot Philippine sun to restore lives turned upside down by Typhoon Haiyan.

Korn and a handful of Northwest Ohio volunteers have made several missions to the island of Panay. The money they contribute goes a long way. Korn says, "You just can't imagine what you can sacrifice here and see what happens over there."

Many of the bamboo and thatch homes were knocked down in high winds. But one remained standing. Korn says, "And we were looking at all these destroyed houses. We turned around one time and we saw this pristine hut. After the hurricane in perfect condition."

So Korn employed the owner of that sole surviving house to teach his neighbors how to make stronger homes. Korn: "the people who he trains can continue working on their neighborhood and then he can continue working in his neighborhood."

Korn's group mobilized local parents to repair the roof on a school in the town of Polo. Their work will kick into high gear when the 600 children take time off from school during the hottest months starting in March. By the time school starts again in June their whole complex will be restored.