Not the usual surfer meets shark story

A baby white shark much like the one resuced in Venice California. / Phto courtesy of

Meetings between shark and surfer do not usually end in the shark being saved. However, that is exactly what happened over the weekend in Venice California.

The baby great white shark washed up on shore at Venice beach, fighting for its life. A group of surfers hurried to the fish, and a local man known as 'Willy' went to work.

Elisa Van Es, the bystander who shot the amazing video had this to say to CNS 2 Los Angeles: "He didn TMt say a word to anybody . . . and he just started digging to get the hook out of the shark TMs mouth. I don TMt know how he didn TMt get bit, quite frankly. You could see the rows of teeth."

The men then dragged the shark back into the ocean and let it go. It is unknown if the shark lived.

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What would you do in a situation like this?