November Toledo gas prices start below national average

Some drivers from states across the country have seen them fall below the $3 mark.

Toledo gas prices remain lower than the national average despite a slight increase heading into November.

Average gasoline prices are $3.16 per gallon on Sunday, just less than a penny increase in the past week, according to the report. The report indicates prices remain below the national average, which has also fallen to $3.26 per gallon.

"The downward movement in national gasoline prices has continued for yet another week, thanks to a fall in commodity prices," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.

This change means prices are 13 cents cheaper per gallon in Toledo around this same time last year, and just shy of a quarter drop last year for national gas prices.

Some drivers from states across the country have seen gas prices fall below the $3 mark.

"Oil prices continue to shed value, leading the way to lower gasoline prices. Five states- all in the nation's midsection- are now seeing their average prices under $3/gallon: Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas, and motorists in those states certainly have a "there's no place like home" advantage," DeHaan said.

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