Now safe for babies? J&J dumping potential carcinogens

Products like J&J's baby shampoo contain trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. / Paul Jacobson (Flickr)

Johnson & Johnson has begun removing two harmful chemicals from its iconic baby shampoo and other baby products in the U.S.

An international coalition of consumer and environmental groups had pressed the company since May 2009 to remove the toxins from all personal care products, including Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

"We think it's an important step forward. We look forward to the day when all their products are free of carcinogens and other chemicals of concern," the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' spokeswoman, Stacy Malkan, told the Associated Press.

Two weeks ago, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was emboldened after finding the health care giant had removed the two chemicals from products in several other countries. But in the U.S., the products contain trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

Johnson & Johnson now says it expects to remove formaldehyde-releasing preservatives from baby products within about two years and is reducing traces of the other chemical.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

After reading about the controversy, would you feel comfortable using Johnson's Baby Shampoo on your child? Or is this pledge to dump possibly carcinogenic materials coming too late for you? Sound off below and on our WNWO Facebook page .