Number of area missing persons in the hundreds

Nevaeh Buchanan

It is hard to use a word like 'grateful' in the context of missing persons, but it's a word more than one detective in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan would feel comfortable with.

They are grateful cases like those of Neveah Buchanan, Cindy Sumner, and Jennifer Shively don't happen a lot.

We get an occasional runaway you know, a juvenile who takes off. That's the most of it usually, said Kevin Meek, Ottawa County TMs missing person TMs Detective.

In Ottawa County, the Jennifer Shively investigation is the only active case like it.

The same goes for Monroe County in Southeast Michigan where missing person TMs detectives are focusing all their efforts on finding five year old Neveah Buchanan's killer.

Numbers go up when we start talking about Toledo police Department's jurisdiction.

There's just no magic wand to find them, said Vincent Mauro, Toledo Police Department TMs missing person TMs detective.

T-P-D's Vincent Mauro is the only missing person TMs detective on the force.

Right now he's working on about 130 missing person TMs reports in the city.

To be fair, a high percentage of those are people who want to be missing like runaways.

A case like Cindy Sumner's is almost as rare in Toledo as it is in Ottawa and Monroe Counties, but the potential for those runaways to end up dead in a vacant warehouse like Cindy Sumner, along the banks of a river like Neveah Buchanan, or hogtied in a marina like Jennifer Shively is real.

You see somebody like Cindy Sumner who was legitimately taken from where she wanted to be and it ended up tragically and sometimes it's hard to deal with, but you try to keep an even keel so you can get the job done to bring the people to justice, said detective Mauro.

He says he'll keep doing his best to find his 130 missing people before any of them end up like Neveah Buchanan, Cindy Sumner, or Jennifer Shively.