NW Ohio celebrates 20th anniversary of 'The Shawshank Redemption'

â??The Shawshank Redemptionâ?? premiered in Mansfield, Ohio 20 years ago. This weekend, several of the movieâ??s Upper Sandusky filming locations celebrated by opening their doors to the public.

The Shawshank Woodshop came to life as re-enactors populated the location where many of Morgan Freemanâ??s famous scenes were filmed.

â??This is where Morgan found out that Tim (Robbins) was innocent,â?? said Shawshank Woodshop owner Bill Mullen, who purchased and renovated the property in 2001.

The woodshop still looks as it did during filming in August, 1993. There are several additions, including movie posters, photographs, and memorabilia from the film.

Actor James Kisicki, who played the bank manager in the movie, appeared for the festivities. Kisicki signed autographs and posed for photos with fans, as he reminisced about the lasting impact of â??The Shawshank Redemption.â??

â??We knew it was gonna be a good film, but I donâ??t think anyone realized the momentum it would gain,â?? said Kisicki. He added, â??Itâ??s become a classic, and the mark of a classic is you never tire of hearing the story over and over again.â??

The Wyandot County Courthouse could be seen in the distance as actors also re-created the â??Beers on the rooftopâ?? scene. The courthouse is the location where Robbinsâ?? character, Andy Dufresne, is convicted of double-murder and sentenced to two life terms in Shawshank Prison.

One of the film's most stirring scenes was also re-created back at the woodshop, when Dufresne locked himself in the wardenâ??s office, and played the Mozart piece â??Marriage of Figaroâ?? over the prison speaker system.

The events in Upper Sandusky were held in conjunction with other 20th anniversary events on the Shawshank Trail throughout Northwest Ohio. Mullen is collecting donations to continue restoration of The Wyandot County Courthouse, and preserve its significance to the film and community.