NW Ohio Cooperative Kitchen cooks up successful, savvy chefs

(Bowling Green)--The Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen, or NOCK, is a commercial kitchen in Wood County designed to assist those wanting to be the next Emerald or Paula Deen. All you need to bring to the table is the taste of success.

NOCK's goal is to assist entrepreneurs perfect a product in addition to marketing and selling it. Beside providing access to a commercially licensed kitchen, the non-profit also allows for networking opportunities. Those behind the effort say there's more to this program than tasty food. Their hope is for businesses being create, in turn, creating jobs for the community.

Currently, at this time there are about twenty entrepreneurs participating, making foods like hummus and chocolate. They're ready to make a mark and maybe some big time bucks as well.

Both the Wood County Health Department and Ohio Department of Agriculture provide assistance with the program.

At this time, the facility cannot accommodate meat or alcohol products.

For more information, you can log onto

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