NW Ohio firefighters re-united with 6 pups saved from blaze

The firefighters that saved 6 pit bulls from a fire are reunited for the first time since the blaze.

"You couldn't prove that they are a mean dog to me," Rising Sun Fire Department Captain Chuck Krotzer said of the 6 pit bulls his team rescued from a burning home on Tuesday.

The Rising Sun firefighters, who saved the dogs, were reunited with the 3 adult dogs and 3 puppies during an intimate gathering at the Sandusky County Humane Society on Friday evening.

"We were calling to see if there was anybody [in the house] to answer. We could hear noises but we didn't know if it was a person or what it was...They were all breathing well and everything, just a lot of smoke. If it would have been very much longer it would have been a different outcome," Krotzer recalled.

The couple that owns the dogs were not home at the time and also attended Friday's reunion to thank the men that saved their four-legged family .

"I cant thank them enough for it. They did a lot of us. They got all my babies home safe", dog owner Tiffney Egbert said.

The pups have been in the care of the Sandusky County Humane Society while Egbert and her husband finds another home to raise their dogs.