NY/NJ residents at BGSU react to Sandy

Sandy's unrelenting trail of destruction was devastating to New York and New Jersey residents living in Northwest Ohio.

Hurricane Sandy left a devastating mark on the Jersey shore when it made landfall on Tuesday. Sandy's unrelenting trail of destruction was an event that New Jersey residents living in Northwest Ohio could not believe.

â??I thought it was all media hype and I didnâ??t think it was gonna be as devastating as it has been,â?? said BGSU graduate student Catherine Carberry, a native of Metuchen, NJ. She continued, "I haven't experienced anything like this."

Winds reached over 80 miles per hour in the shore communities, churning the high tides of the violent Atlantic Ocean. Sandy tore through boardwalks, flooded the streets, and left rides and amusements at the iconic piers floating out to sea.

Seaside Heights "looks like it might not ever look the same," Carberry said. Long Beach Island, Atlantic City and Cape May are just some of the Jersey shore locales rendered less recognizable by the storm. "We have a special affinity for the Jersey shore,â?? added Carberry.

Sandy's fury knocked out power in New Jersey and through New York City. Massive fires in Queens and flooding into the subways and throughout the five boroughs brought the bustling city to a standstill.

â??My grandpa lives in Long Island, New York, and I havenâ??t been able to speak with him yet," said BGSU student Rachel Artinian. "Iâ??m really hoping that theyâ??re doing ok in Long Island, I haven't heard anything. Iâ??m kind of worried.â??

Even students from Northwest Ohio felt the effects of the damage to the east.

â??When I see pictures of New York City under water I was like, wow, it takes you back, it kind of surprises you,â?? said BGSU student Steve Motuza. "Real people are being affected even if you're not near there or from there."

Sandy's wrath has left at least 60 people dead, and a mess to rebuild in the tri-state area.

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