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      Obama campaign opens Maumee office

      Obama supporters gathered in Maumee Thursday evening at the grand opening of the new Organizing for America-Ohio campaign office.

      About 100 local democrats showed up to support the Obama campaign at 433 W. Dussel Drive. The Maumee location will serve as a community hub for the 2012 election, as it joins other local campaign offices in Toledo, Sylvania, and Bowling Green. The interior of the headquarters displayed signs that read "Empower, Include, and Win."

      "It's an enormous adventure," said Becky Tapola, an Obama campaign activist. She continued, "It's just an exciting night for the opening."

      Those in attendance were treated to democratic-themed baked goods, refreshments, and a taste of what is to come as the campaign rolls towards November. "We're really excited to kick off the local campaigning, getting ready to go door-to-door, get ready to do phoning, and get out the vote," Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada told WNWO.

      Contrada was one of several guest speakers at the event. She spoke to the crowd about President Obama's vision of moving America forward. She exclaimed, "In terms of having a real plan that real Americans can understand, I'm keeping score...Obama 1, Romney 0!

      President Obama is scheduled to appear in Bowling Green Wednesday. Republican candidate Mitt Romney and running-mate Paul Ryan will begin a bus tour through Ohio starting Monday. Romney plans to appear in Toledo on Wednesday.

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