Obama plans to shrink military, defense budget

The pentagon plans to cut the defense budget and tens of thousands of ground troops.

The Obama administration will reveal a new military strategy for cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in the defense budget on Thursday, rewriting the last ten years of U.S. security policy.

The New York Times reports the plans call for shrinking the military, but most importantly, will not allow the U.S. to fight two sustained ground wars at once.

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The Pentagon's strategy draft maintains "the military will be large enough to fight and win one major conflict, while also being able to 'spoil' a second adversary's ambitions."

President Obama is scheduled to announce more U.S. military focus on Asia and less on Europe on Thursday. The administration told The Associated Press that smaller Pentagon budgets "are a must but will not come at the cost of sapping the strength of a military in transition even as it gets smaller."

"Those who believe our military can withstand the proposed severe cuts and still protect the U.S. ignore the reality of our often-dangerous world," a New York Daily News article urges. "In terms of troops, the active-duty military is two-thirds the size it was under President Ronald Reagan, and we have the smallest number of Navy ships since before World War I. Meanwhile, the Air Force has the fewest aircraft since its inception in 1947."

The AP also reports that plans to reduce the defense budget aren't limited to war-fighting strategy, but could also impact military health care, pay and retirement benefits.

Do you support the Obama administration's defense budget cuts? Is downsizing the U.S. military and involvement in Europe a must or will it make us look weak to adversaries like Iran and North Korea?