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      Obamacare enrollment help given to locals

      The federal government unveiled its website to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act on Oct.1, but the local agencies who have been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to help people navigate the new system are still weeks away from beginning that work. Toledo/Lucas County Care net has received $250,000 to help people enroll in Obamacare. Jan Ruma is an executive director of Toledo/Lucas County Care net."We didn't learn that we were a part of this program until late September," Ruma said. Neighborhood Health Association plans to hire people who will work as navigators. These navigators will attend seminars at community centers and libraries to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act and help people navigate the website associated with the law.

      Officials with the Neighborhood Health Association and Toledo/Lucas County Care Net tell WNWO that its navigators will be hired and trained by mid-November. The Ohio Association of Food Banks has set up a website to provide information to state residents about accessing the federal health insurance marketplace.

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