Occupy Ohio takes hold of major cities

A protester makes a sign during the Occupy Toledo protest on Oct. 10. / Tim Wening

The Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Toledo at 11 a.m. on Monday morning following a successful rally in Cincinnati over the weekend. At least 50 Toledoans gathered to march starting at Levis Square downtown.

"Occupy Toledo is a nonviolent assembly of individuals from all walks of life who stand in solidarity with the occupation of Wall Street in New York City and with the overarching Occupy movement across our nation and the world," the Occupy Toledo website reads.

Cincinnati protesters say they plan to occupy downtown's fountain square indefinitely or until arrested. Some of the group's hardcore members spent the night occupying a section of downtown, even though their permit only lasted until 1 a.m.

Protests have been popping up all over Ohio, including one in Cleveland where demonstrators are into a fifth day of occupying sidewalks. Some say they plan to camp out indefinitely.

The Coshocton Tribune reports protesters carried signs reading, "Where's our loophole?" "Greed will be the end of America," and even "Vote no on issue 2 (the repeal effort for Ohio's controversial new collective bargaining law)" throughout a Cleveland park.

Dayton also saw a number of rallies recently. The group's Facebook page says that more marches are planned in coming weeks in Columbus and Youngstown.