'Occupy' protesters taunt cops with donut on string, 'Here piggy, piggy'

Clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street protesters have been well documented. But this one may take the cake. (More literally...the donut).

After protesters were removed from Union Square Plaza in New York City this week, they proceeded to mock law enforcement officers who were there to ensure the plaza remained clear and to ensure the continuing protest stayed civil.

In the video, the crowd can be heard shouting things like "This is a peaceful doughnut," and, "Treat us like animals we'll treat you like pigs."

The police, seemingly undaunted by the ridicule, stood by...refusing to "take the bait" if you will.

The video's description on YouTube states, "After being evicted from the Union Square Plaza early yesterday morning, the Occupy Wall Street protesters decided to have a little fun with the men in blue."

What do you think of the protestor's taunts? Did the police have it coming to them? Or is this a blatant disrespect for law enforcement officers just trying to do their job?