Occupy who? More blame D.C. in new poll

A majority of Americans don't know enough about the Occupy Wall Street protests to give an opinion in a Gallup poll. / andrewshiue (Flickr)

If you can't blame Wall Street, blame D.C.--At least that's the opinion of a number of Americans in a new Gallup poll.

Politico reports the survey showed 78 percent believe Wall Street deserves "a great deal" or a "fair amount" of blame for the poor economy, while 87 percent said the same about Washington.

And who do Americans accuse more for the state of the economy? A whopping 64 percent pointed a finger to the federal government over big financial institutions.

The survey comes exactly a month after the Occupy Wall Street protests began, so Gallup also polled Americans about their thoughts on the movement. However, a majority of those surveyed professed they didn't know enough to give an opinion.

Occupy Wall Street's goals received a 22 percent approval rating in the poll. The majority--52 percent--also said they do not oppose or support the movement.

The poll consisted of 1,026 adults and has a sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.

Which side do you agree with? Should the Occupy Wall Street movement's goals change to meet the opinions of the majority?

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