ODOT asks motorist to be patient with High-Level Bridge closure

Business owners say theyâ??re missing the increased flow in traffic.

TOLEDO -- The Ohio Department of Transportation is asking for patience from drivers and local businesses as many have complained about construction that has closed the Anthony Wayne Bridge.

ODOT spokesperson Theresa Pollick addressed the media Tuesday on the progress of construction.

â??We hope that everyone understands that there is a lot of work to be done to preserve this historical structure for Toledo,â?? Pollick said.

After three months, Pollick said things are running on schedule. With nearly a year and a half left on the massive project, she said she knows motorists' patience will likely wear thin. Business owners tell her theyâ??re missing the increased flow in traffic.

ODOT explains plans for Anthony Wayne Bridge work to residents

Theresa Isaccs, who works at the Valero station on Broadway, said the bridge provided a significant source of people searching for a fill-up. Once the bridge closed sales started to slip, estimating that the gas station lost roughly 35 percent in sales.

But despite the drop, Isaccs said they're getting off easy. She told us a competitor across the street was forced to close its doors due to lack of business.

Customers are feeling the pinch as well. "You canâ??t get in and out of nowhere," you canâ??t get around the big trucks around here it's a mess!â??

ODOT officials say at this point a big mess is their only option.