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      ODOT snow removal in northwest Ohio sets record

      This year cost more than $9 million in labor, equipment, and salt supplies

      It's no joke when people say we've experienced one of the worst winters in northwest Ohio.

      Ohio Department of Transportation released snow removal costs across the eight counties in northwest Ohio from this winter season. This year cost more than $9 million in labor, equipment, and salt supplies. That's more than ODOT used on an five-year average total of $6.1 million from previous winters put together.

      ODOT District 2 used nearly 67,000 tons of salt; it took about 20,000 fewer tons of salt than the five-year average cost.

      Crews traveled 1.3 million miles on state highways to treat snow and ice on the roads.

      Toledo received more than 7 feet of snow this year, which prompted many schools to cancel class and businesses to close up shop.

      Schools in northwest Ohio have been setting up plans to make up for the missed school days.

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      ODOT received an additional $2 million this month to replenish depleting road salt supplies.

      (The Associated Press Contributed to this report).