ODOT studying ice problem on Glass City Skyway

The Ohio Department of Transportation is undertaking a study to enhance the agencies forecasting of ice buildup on the cables of the Veterans Glass City Skyway.

ODOT has added additional forecasting tools to its monitoring systems, including improved precipitation sensors. These new tools track weather conditions that lead to ice formations and inform ODOT when an ice fall is possible.

The buildup of ice on the bridge's cables has been a cause of concern for ODOT and motorists using the bridge. Large chunks of ice have fallen from cables high on the bridge to the road surface, creating a hazard for motorists. The Veterans Glass City Skyway was limited to just one lane on Monday and Tuesday because of ice buildup on the cables that support the bridge. Traffic has been limited four times since 2007 due to the risk of falling ice.

"The additional monitoring equipment on the bridge was extremely useful and informative this weekend," said ODOT District Two Deputy Director, Todd Audet. "It helped to confirm our field observations, especially when ice build up can be difficult to see."

Richard Martinko, of the University of Toledo Transportation Center, is leading a team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati, the Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, and other U.T. faculty who are addressing the issue.