ODOT works to prevent wrong-way crashes

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has announced that it's in the process of finalizing upgrades to local "Do Not Enter", "Wrong Way" and "One Way" signs in Northwest Ohio.

Officials say that drivers, which travel along the Toledo Metro Interstate, may have already noticed the upgrades on existing signs along freeway and expressway interchanges.

ODOT says the work is part of an ongoing "sign replacement program" intended to make sure there is an adequate level of nighttime sign visibility.

A press release, provided by the department, said that the upgrades selected after researching "the best practices in Ohio and the United States and a review of the appropriate state and federal standards".

As part of the initiative all interchange ramps in Lucas, Henry, Ottawa, Sandusky and Wood counties, will receive supplemental wrong way signs on both of the existing wrong way installations on the non-cloverleaf exit ramps.

The supplemental wrong way signs will be installed at a three foot mounting height, which according to ODOT are more visible to drivers at night "because lower signs are in the path of a car's headlights and impaired and older drivers, who tend to drive with their eyes low, look for visual cues from the pavement area".

Additional countermeasures for interchanges, where the entrance and exit ramps are side by side, will include the installation of dual directional route marker assemblies at the ramp ends and the installation of pavement marking arrows on the entrance ramps.