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      Off duty Toledo police restricted from employment at businesses that sell alcohol

      Toledo police will no longer be allowed to work as security for area bars and nightclubs. But the news isn't just impacting the officers, but the businesses that use their services.

      T oledo police officers received a memo from their commanders stating they were prohibited from working off duty at any bar, tavern or nightclub where alcohol is the primary business.

      F or many of these establishments, off duty police officers provide much needed security.

      N ow business owners are scrambling to find replacements and a way to keep their business safe , "we were a little shocked to hear it especially not being notified ourselves, but to hear it through the media," explains Anthony Perna of Mulvaney's Bunker in south Toledo.

      A t Mulvaney's, one alternative is recruiting deputies from the Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

      T here is some good news for business owners. A decision was made to allow officers already working at establishments to work through this weekend. B ut next weekend , those off duty cops are gone.