Officials: Carroll Township residents SHOULD NOT drink water, Harmful algal toxins found

Update: There will be bottled water available at the Carroll Township Complex at 11080 W. Toussaint East Rd starting at 7 a.m. tomorrow (Friday).

On Thursday evening, the Carroll Water and Sewer District announced that harmful toxins were found in the treated water supply used by Carroll Township.


A sample collected on Wednesday showed microcystin toxins above the amount allowed by Ohio's EPA and then on Thursday another sample found microcystin levels at 3 times the levels permitted.

Residents in the area are being warned not to use the water for drinking, making infant formula, making ice, brushing teeth, water for pets, or preparing food.

Authorities also warned that boiling the water would not help get rid of the toxins and may actually become more dangerous.

Officials advised that only healthy adults use the water for bathing, washing hands, washing dishes and doing laundry but still advised that skin irritation could result from exposure to the water.

Area residents are encouraged to seek medical attention if they, or a pet, shows signs of illness after ingesting the water.

On Thursday night, officials were working to switch the water system to an alternate source so that they could flush the lines.

They told WNWO that they would be able to re-test the water on Friday in order to determine how long residents would have to do without water.

In the meantime, they urge people to use alternate sources for water including bottled water.

Authorities said the contamination is due to a harmful algal bloom in Lake Erie.