Officials monitor water levels, ice jams on Maumee

The Maumee River rose to 12.5 feet Monday.

Water levels on the Maumee River usually reach about three feet on St. Patrickâ??s Day. Monday morning, a park ranger measured the river at twelve and a half feet.

A flood warning was in effect in Waterville until 6 p.m. Monday as the river continued to thaw. Now, Toledo Metroparks officials say the danger is behind us, and locals are lining up along the river snapping photos.

Sandy Teets has lived along the Maumee River for over ten years. Sheâ??s not worried about ice jams causing any property damage. "I'm amazed every time I walk out and see that,â?? she said of the thaw. â??I never get tired of it. I just thought, wow. How amazing to see this."

Teets lives just upstream from Providence Park, near Grand Rapids, where emergency sirens sounded as water levels reached 17-feet Sunday.

A fence was destroyed at the park when a tree got stuck in the river and was pushed out of the water by a strong current.

"It could get dangerous very quickly but of course one of the wonderful things about any great natural feature is they're dramatic and they're inspiring,â?? Toledo Area Metroparks Director Stephen Madewell said.

Madewell expects ice jams to dissolve before causing any serious damage as they make their way down the river.