Officials to meet rescue owner on animal remains found hidden at her Toledo home

Volunteers find the bodies of several more animals, at Sutter's West Toledo property, last Wednesday.

The Toledo Area Humane Society (TAHS) will meet with the director of an animal rescue on Tuesday, following the discovery of a half-dozen dog & cats found buried behind her West Toledo home; two of which she allegedly claimed were missing.

TAHS Executive Director, Gary Willoughby, tells WNWO that Kathy Sutter has agreed to meet with him, in the presence of her attorney, to discuss what happened to the animals found on her Luann Avenue property.

On Monday, Willoughby also with Toledo's Prosecutor to discuss the possibility of bringing criminal charges against Sutter.

Willoughby told WNWO, on Monday, he did not want to comment on that meeting until after he met with Sutter on Tuesday.

Investigations by both the TAHS and the Wood County Humane Society began after the body of one dog, recovered September 29th, was identified as an animal Sutter allegedly claimed was stolen while in her care.

WNWO was the only TV station there, on October 2nd, when volunteers dug up the remains of several more animals at the property that once served as the home of Sutter's Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue.

Sutter had since moved her rescue to Perrysburg, and because of that, the Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) was asked to check on the well-being of the animals currently in Sutter's care.

Last week, WCHS reported that "at this point in time all the animals in Kathy's current care are being well taken care of".

Sutter has refused to comment, to WNWO, on the allegations waged against her.

On Saturday at 6 pm,

the public is invited to attend a prayer and candlelight vigil

outside Sutter's home at 3630 Fremont Pike in Perrysburg to honor the animals found dead at Sutter's other property.

The Lexus Project, an animal advocacy group, is also

collecting donations

that will fund the necropsies and testing done, on the animals recovered.

The group hopes the research will uncover evidence that will prove or disprove if Sutter played a role in the deaths of the animals.