OH 70-mph speed increase gets green light

Ohio drivers may soon cruise through the state at 70 mph.

Ohio drivers with a lead foot will be happy to hear a state House panel passed the bill to increase highway speeds from 65 to 70 mph.

The measure keeps Ohio Turnpike interstate limits consistent with surrounding states.

"For people driving through Ohio, I think it's an unfair burden for them to have to drop their speed and then go to another state, and it goes back up," said Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Hamilton, chairman of the committee, to the Columbus Dispatch.

Combs also said she was optimistic that the bill would pass when it's up for voting by the full House. The paper reports a part of the bill would have made it illegal to use the left lane for anything other than passing or exiting, but the panel axed this measure in the end.

The Associated Press reports the bill does have a few opponents, including the State Highway Patrol and the Ohio Truck Association, mainly for safety concerns.

Are you pumped about driving faster on the Turnpike or do you think it will pose bigger driving hazards? Leave your comment below with us!

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)