Ohio Attorney General files lawsuits against defunct Perrysburg solar company

On Friday, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed two separate lawsuits against a defunct solar power company in Perrysburg which defaulted on more than $10 million in state loans.

According to a release from DeWine's office, the lawsuits were filed on behalf of the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
(OAQDA) against Willard & Kelsey Solar Group and its shareholders.

The Attorney General called the move an attempt to recover loans made by the former Ohio Department of Development and the OAQDA.

In addition to the Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, the first lawsuit names James M. Appold of Rossford; Michael J. Cicak of Perrysburg; James E. Heidner of Bowling Green and Gary T. Faykosh of Perrysburg as defendants.

That filing accuses the defendants of Breach of Contract, violating Shareholder Liability, Civil Aiding and Abetting, Civil Conspiracy and other crimes.

The second lawsuit, also names Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, Appold; Cicak; Heidner; Faykosh and E-Z Pak of McComb.

That lawsuit accuses the defendants of similar crimes listed the first filing.

The Attorney General's Office says that Willard & Kelsey Solar Group accepted millions in loans and funding despite knowing they were severely undercapitalized.

Additionally, the lawsuits accuse the operators of Willard & Kelsey of engaging in improper business practices, including transferring millions from company account to other businesses operated by Appold, E-Z Pak and Consolidated Biscuit Company of McComb.

State officials also allege the solar company failed to maintain necessary checking accounts, failed to obtain the necessary certifications to sell its products and accepting loans from a Rossford man at a "unconscionable" interest rate.

The lawsuits seek to recover all the uncollected debt the company had in loans plus 10% interest, estimated to be over $11 million dollars.