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      Ohio-born astronaut lands at Tony Packo's

      A former Ohio-born astronaut landed at the original Tony Packoâ??s in Toledo on Friday and signed copies of his recently-released book.

      Don Thomas shook hands with local space fans as they picked up copies of his book â??Orbit of Discovery: The All-Ohio Space Shuttle Mission.â?? The book recounts Thomasâ?? experience on-board the July 1995 space mission and tells about his childhood dream to become an astronaut.

      Shortly after the mission, Thomas first visited Tony Packoâ??s as part of a field trip with students from Glenwood Elementary School. He instantly fell in love with the hot dogs, sauce and other offerings, and later brought along Tony Packoâ??s food on his next mission to space.

      â??On my next shuttle mission I requested that we fly a couple cans of the chili sauce for the hot dogs on the shuttle,â?? said Thomas. â??I took four cans of that along with me on the mission and put that on hot dogs up in space.â??

      Thomas retired from NASA in 2007 and currently teaches as a professor at Towson University in Maryland. The Cleveland native says he always makes a pit stop at Tony Packoâ??s every time he visits Toledo.