Ohio business owners to Obama: â??We did build thisâ??

Local buisness owners gathered to say they built their business, not the government.

The Romney campaign gave small business owners in the area the chance to sound off on a controversial comment made by President Obama earlier this month.

The local event was part of 24 "We Did Build This" gatherings nationwide that responded to President Obama's campaign speech in Roanoke, Va. in which he said, in part, that "if you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."

"While we do need roads for transportation in the business we're in, I do believe the money that was used to build those roads was taxes taken from us, and the government didn't just print the money... and build the roads. It came from those of us who create jobs and pay taxes." said Mike Birmingham of Birmingham Limousine in Toledo.

Following the event, Democrats offered their own rebuttal by announcing the "Ohio Small Business Owners for Obama" committee. Members said the president helped them by cutting taxes and leveling the playing field between Main Street and Wall Street.

"I think we built this together. I really believe you don't build anything on your own and when we do things collectively, we take individual efforts and we use them along with the resources that we get from people like mentors and partners, people who have stakes in the things we're trying to get accomplished more than we can separately," said Will Lucas, owner and creator of Creadio, a brand marketing technology firm in Toledo. "I think that's what Obama was trying to say--we're in this thing together."