Ohio charity donates big to Oklahoma

Waterville, OH - Waterville based non-profit group, ISOH/Impact, has sent volunteers to Oklahoma to lend a hand.

"It's difficult to get into. To see the emotion on these people's faces... There's debris everywhere," says Executive Director of ISOH/Impact, Lori Kazmierczak.

They packed their third truck Friday, with pallets full of the supplies that are in the most need.

One initiative of organization is called their "Bucket Brigade," name because five gallon buckets are loaded, each with a specific purpose like cleaning supplies, personal care, food buckets, or pets supplies.

Lori explains, "Instead of having those volunteers at the other end trying to sort and figure out whose going to get what, we have completed kits that be be put immediately into the hands of a victim or family that may need some assistance."

This small organization is part of the fabric in the local community, and residents are constantly dropping by to donate.

"They talked about the pets needing some food so we brought some pet food and some basic non-perishable things," says local Al Seifert, who stopped by to donate items.

He says, by giving to ISOH/Impact, he knows the supplies will make it into the hands of those in need.

Lori does the loading herself, and pallet after pallet are pushed in until the truck, which is courtesy of Lay-Z-Boy, can't fit another. But there was one pallet left, so it gets taken apart, and the boxes get hand-stacked until the semi trailer is completely stuffed.

The truck leaves to take the supplies to Oklahoma, and Lori begins immediately to prepare for the next shipment.